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Sang Martir

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Release Date: 25 Oktober 2012
Info : Indonesia Movie
IMDB Rating : Waiting..
Stars: Adipati Dolken, Nadine Alexandra, Tio Pakusadewo, Ray Sahetapy, Widy ‘Vierra’
BluRay 720p
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Genre: Drama


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Synopsis Sang Martir:
Rangga (Duke dolken), students aged 20 years living as a child in an orphanage with his sister Sarah (Ghina Salsabila).Islamic orphanage belonged to Haji Rachman (Jamal Mirdad) and his wife Hajjah Rosna (Henidar Amroe) who do not have offspring, and became the parents of children Panti One day, Lili (Widy Vierra) 17-year-old girl raped by Jerink ( Edo Borne) a thug Therapeutic areas controlled by Rambo (Tio Pakusadewo), brother Jerink.Rangga hold accountable those involved Jerink resulting duel, until Jerink killed. Rangga jailed for 3 years. Nursing situation changed after the tragic Rangga in prison, Haji Rahman died by Rambo to dominate possession nursing areas. Orphanage children stopped schooling, and street begging When Rangga breathe freedom, those messengers Rambo ready to finish him off, but the gang of his men Jerry (Ray Sahetapy), head of the gang of thugs sworn enemy to save Rambo. Rangga occupies a rented house owned by Jerry adjacent to the church. Almost every day a young girl, Love (Nadine Alexandra) standing outside the church. Rangga curious to see her praying outside. Rangga and Love to know each other and become close, the two teenagers of different beliefs is mutual admiration and love.Rambo and Jerry gang conflict heats up due to annexation, so the situation even more severe when an individual Rambo get the order to divert public attention from the case of corruption, the war between the gang and the issue of church bombings.Rambo shooting Jerry churches in the area. As ruler of the orphanage, forcing Rambo Rangga to be martyrs, instead of the safety of all children in the orphanage Rangga and Love, a pair of teenagers so witnesses representing chaotic social conditions of the nation. For them the difference was fate that should be mutually respected. A painful dilemma for Rangga, between saving children orphanage Rambo or follow orders to bomb the church posted.
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