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Bangkitnya Suster Gepeng

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Release Date: 11 Oktober 2012
Quality: VCDRip
Info: imdb.com/title/tt2668934
IMDB Rating : (awaiting 5 votes)
Cast: Jenny Cortez, Roro Fitria, Baby Margareth, Aelke Mariska, Andreano Philip, Shidiq Kamidi, Ozy Syahputra
Encoder: www.SejutaFilm.com 
Genre: Horror

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Sinopsis Bangkitnya Suster Gepeng:
Grandpa Keiko Larasati Hirosuke, mulatto Japan-Indonesia, is a Japanese soldier stationed in Indonesia. After the war, his grandfather returned to Japan, married and had one child who later married the man of Indonesia.

One night after clubbing with my boyfriend and his friends, Keiko getting creepy terror. There is a strange broadcast on the radio, such as broadcasting the war of independence.

Since that night, Keiko suffered another terror with the emergence of sprawl sister's bloody and always say these words in Japanese that means the promise is debt, lives at stake not only terror, the nuns were also massacred sprawl around Keiko, Sister's demands that is not understood by Keiko, until he called Sato Hirosuke, grandfather

Terkuaklah lalu.Pada stories in the future independence of Indonesia proklamasai is blown, is a love story between a young Hirosauke Larasati Sato, sisters Indonesia. They met in secret to avoid opposition from their respective nations are at odds.

Larasati involved with the youth movement to prepare the proclamation. Japanese soldiers heard movement and conduct operations to prevent the proclamation. Larasati targeted pursuit of the Japanese army, was captured and died trapped in the elevator. Ironically, Sato Hirosuke was there and could not do anything Larasati revenge and wants to be with a group of youths pengorbannya Japanese slaughtered recognized.

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